Proxies...Everbody uses them.

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This book describes proxies as unresearchable information. Journalist rely more on what people said than what is really factual. I think the authors say it better when they say:

"Doctors have agreed upon diagnostic definitions and widely used medical equipment that enable them to say 'she's got the measles, he doesn't' but there is nothing like a definitional consenus of a "hungerometer" or "poverty measures"... "

Is that all of the proxies that researchers produce and reporters report. Is it all governmental or social. Of course not. I'm speaking from experience when I share this story. So take a second to get some popcorn and a soda....ready? :

When I was going to George Wythe High School in Richmond,VA we had to take a standardized test called the Standards of Learning (SOL). Funding for each school required that we passed the test with an average schoolwide score of 80%. But the test was unpopular and students (who weren't dumb)didn't even want to take the test. Since few people took the test we have gotten a low score. But because of the fact we have gotten a low score(and not the reason, why), people thought that we wern't able to do "basic skills" in our core classes. And to top it all off the VA Secretary of Education had said to the Richmond Times-Dispatch that "These students doesn't have the capablity to even read or write". Yet, I was able to read that article!

So what's the moral of that lesson, even though a subject like reading scores is researchable, saying that a student can't read or write at all isn't measurable either. That student just could have had a bad day or didn't study. But proxies are a two edged sword, we get negative backlash over these "facts" but when people find out about them they want to make things better. So, can you find another thing that can possibly be a proxy?

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Hey, do you know any proxies I can use @ school. They've blocked every one of them that we've come up with. HELP