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July 29, 2007

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As I toiled through the Divine Comedy, a lot of thoughts swarmed my head that sparked my interest and my curiosity. After reading past the Inferno and decending via the circles with he and Virgil, I began to realize how Dante himself is very creul to make a lot of people in the world around him subjects to a literary vendetta.

I think every single scholar, historian, reader that has ever experienced The Inferno knows that this was the ultimate revenge story for him against all those who defiled Italy and Christainity. Every crooked politician and clegyman has their fate determined in the hell that is custom made to fit their crime (And that is extra scary to me!!). In this way he lets the reader know that his views on certain issues and problems that we face today and of course being a man living in the Middle Ages.

Like Paradise Lost, there is a religious and popular overtone that really hit home to popular culture. It even made people who were interested in the Divine Comedy famous, like Gustave Dore and his countless drawings and engravings. I think that Dante's Inferno has become synonomus with the word horror. I don't know if a film adaptation is in order, but I bet the CGI in that movie would be wonderful.

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