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August 10, 2007

The Devil is Laughing and Drinking Lemonade

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The heat in Richmond has been scorching for the last few days. It has been amazing that how the heat had suddenly been climbing up and up. I think the only one outside in this heat is the Devil on a park bench drinking lemonade laughing at all of us cowering behind our AC. Willa Carter was quoted into saying that the "Evil get worse than they deserve". This quote was put to the test when I saw this:

In Richmond, Va., sheriff’s deputies bought 200 pounds of ice to offer some relief to jail inmates and used industrial exhaust fans to suck hot air out of their cells. Prisoners were encouraged to take it easy, despite a requirement that inmates be provided daily recreation.

“We’d really frown on them playing pickup basketball,” sheriff’s department spokeswoman Tara Dunlop said. “But it’s not a struggle; they don’t want to be bothered by running around on a concrete lot.” (MSNBC)

Ads for air conditioning all summer has been starting off by saying "the notorious Richmond summertime heat is just starting"....

That's bad when heat in your city is notorious for any reason. This past week, the Richmond heatwave broke the and all time record previously set in 1977 and a August 8th day record set in 1918.

As the cooling centers are in operation,community pools are open, and the AC's is on full blast we look at the good things summer brings...Barbeques, rest, and various other things (that I won't mention). But now we have to be careful about how we do some of our favorite summer things.

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