A Step By Step Process

As my junior year ended with a bang of an uncertain reality, several questions seem to swirl around in my head. After fighting in some of the advanced English classes, I feel a little winded and wounded. I start to ask myself am I ready for the long painful road of academia. I want to say yes, yet I don't want to go into the work force or graduate school with bliders on. This must be the calm before the storm...the summer before my senior year. During the last couple of weeks, I've seen seniors run around Seton Hill a little scared about several things such as leaving the hill permanently, portfolios, grad school, the work force, etc. I think I'm prepared for that. I'm ready to be defined through these trials and tests. I know that I've promised to keep blogging to get my thoughts out there and fell short. However, I feel isolated down in Virginia and off the hill. I better get use to it next year but hopefully I will be in a new community by then.