Edition to the Two Pages


Yesterday, I made editions to the two pages of Wikipedia. One of them is the page about the 1989 film Glory and I added information about the health benefits of apple juice. In the Glory article, the soundtrack was briefly discussed, and I added a few details about the particular soundtrack. I remember this soundtrack being mentioned in much more detail, but some of the information was erased for some reason. That reason was never elaborated in the discussion pages in the article. I re-entered the information that was missing in that section and so far I did not get a response to the change.  

That is one of the flaws about Wikipedia, when a change is made it is hard to figure out who made it and why. However, any expert in any field could most likely be a part of the site. Wikipedia could be used as a forum to share proven and widely heralded theories. With that kind of research there is a definite need of proof.

On the apple juice page, I entered the website that I found the information on. I wanted to be a positive part to the article of my site by allowing my changes to be challenged. On this article, I'm allowing my findings to be peer reviewed in a way that no academic journal goes through.     


I checked my two pages this morning, and all my stuff was there. I was not sure whether anyone even noticed that the pages were subtly different, even though the one page had been edited quite a bit. And even if it was removed, like you said, I would not be sure why. I thought the discussion page would be more like the comments, but I really did not find them useful. I just wish that there was a way that I could find out what people were thinking about my information. Of course, I have an account, but even then, no one has stopped to leave a comment on the "My Discussion" page. In a long-winded way, I agree with what you said.