See the Problems... Where's The Solutions.

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As I continue to make may way through Inform 7, I began to encounter some problems. Well... I don't want to say problems, more like snags. I would be able to go forward if I knew how to do certainly complete some of these particular phrase and actions.

For example, I want to make a NPG talk and have the player start the conversation. Afterward the man would leave. I need to know how I can make NPG's appear once. However, the wording to the actions rack my brain.

I also would like the player to die after drinking a potion. But I can even make the potion drinkable or have the game ended. It seems that simplicistic actions need a lot of direction. I've tried reading that confusing manual. The examples in it is a litttle bit vague and/or confusing to the problems that I have to solve for the sake of this project.

I still want to make the house as interactive as possible and have the objects drive the plot of the story. If you can help me, I will be in your debt. I still feel excited about this project.

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Kevin, NPCs are a bit trickier, but I'm sure I'll be able to help you after I see a transcript of what you expect the game to do.

Meanwhile, I modified an example called "Beverage Service" from the Inform 7 manual.

"Beverage Service v1.1"

A potion is a kind of thing.

The sparkly blue potion, the fizzy orange potion, and the bubbling green potion are potions carried by the player.

The empty room is a room.

Instead of drinking a potion:
remove the noun from play;
say "You quaff [the noun]. It goes down beautifully."

Instead of drinking the bubbling green potion, end the game saying "You choke to death!"