Beckett Hill Manor Presentation

I have been working on one of the most difficult tasks I had to do in this class. That is to create a game on a program that I'm not familiar with. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't make NPC's, but I think I got around it. Nevertheless, I feel confident that this is a game that could be enjoyed. I hope you enjoy the game as much I did creating it:

Imagine all of the possible worlds that could be out there...
Imagine what someone would do to fine them...

A well-known physics professor and an eccentric historian (and owner of the mansion) experments on opening gateways to other worlds. You are a student coming to a Colorado mansion to assist in this endeavor. However, everything isn't what it seems. Both the professor and the owner has dissapear and you must discover what happened in the walls of Beckett Hill Manor. Explore the lavish mansion to discover the secrets of the outer worlds. Beware of the traps set inside to stop you. DIscover the horrifying truth of what the experiments had brought forth to this world.

That was my little in-world session. The changes I've made to the from the Beta version could be summed up by this list:

1. Clearly identifying my surroundings and objects
2. The uses of the objects and how it is important to the story line
3. More interactive setting
4. Clearer story line.

I don't want to say too much by giving the ending.