Time Warp: Where has the semester gone?! (Revised Midterm Portfolio)

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This entire class has taught me one thing so far above all else: perseverance.  It seems like no matter how frustrated I am with my projects, that frustration only pushes me to keep going if for no other reason than I want to prove I can.  While I may not always have had the easiest time with a particular code, I've been able to let go of my pride and ask for help.  But more than that, I've finally realized that it's ok to read the directions.  (Thanks a lot, Dad.)  

Each project had its own ups and downs, but I feel like I've been able to do three pretty solid projects.  It feels like it's been an entire semester, but there's still a few weeks left!  That's promising because now I've got even more time to go back, revise, and have a solid, polished project in the end. 

Scratch (earlier entry)

Scratch, oh Scratch.  I had the easiest time with this program, but maybe that wasn't really the best thing.  I enjoyed the challenge of the other units (even if I found myself excessively frustrated.)  But to be honest, I feel like I learned more with the harder codes.  Scratch was easy for me to use, but I feel like that gave me a false sense of security.

I worked hard to make my game look as good as possible, but that may have cost me in the long run.  (I'll explain later.)  The hardest part of this project was remembering that it didn't have to be perfect and prioritizing.  Because I had an easy time with the coding, I kept wanting to add more and more.  That's not a bad thing, but I let it consume more class time than I should have.  

My favorite part of the coding was figuring out how to randomize the dot.  It's not a complex code, but I feel like it adds so much more to the game than I code have before.  There's more of a reason to play with that spot now because you have more options. 

I now have the updated version online and ready to play here

You can also view the screencast here

Inform 7 (earlier entry)

Inform 7  was probably my biggest headache all semester.  It just made me so angry!  I couldn't figure out the code, I had no idea what words I could and couldn't use and I just wanted to smash my computer.  But then, as I started to figure out the code, I saw my story starting to come to life.  That made me so excited, that I just kept pressing on.  I realized that I was asking less questions and doing more myself.  That made me so excited!  The code started to come together and I had a pretty solid game...or so I thought. 

Sometimes you have to find the most off the wall person to try your games.  I knew I had to have Aja play mine.  If there was a loophole, she would be the one to find it.  I cleaned up some of the loopholes already before I had her play, but Aja found the biggest one: being able to open the book before the trunk.  I guess I just trust people to stay inside my mind and play it the way I see it, but I had to realize that it will never happen.  

I added an alternate ending, some roadblocks, more descriptors, and more points.  The roadblocks help to keep the game in line (and, you know, playable.)  

I may have wanted to break my computer from all the error messages, but all in all, I'm really happy with my Inform project.  Not only did I get a pretty fun story, I also found a new way to think: not everyone shares my brainwaves.  (And I feel bad for the people who do.) 

Play the game here, or watch it here

HTML/CSS (earlier entry)

What can I say about HTML?  


I feel like that sums it up.  But to be fair: it's hard.  I also really need to learn it.  So while my webpage isn't that amazing at the moment, I've decided to make it my term project.  I want to have an online resume and portfolio that I can show off and use in the real world.  Did I like my games?  Absolutely.  Am I happy with them?  Yes.  But they really aren't going to get me a job.  The thinking processes I learned from them will, but not the games themselves.  This portfolio is something I'm hoping will help me out in the long run.   

Watch the screencast here

Or you can visit it yourself here

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