What do I do with my life?!?

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In an attempt to realize that I have in fact done something with my life thus far, I'm going to be using HTML to create a resume/portfolio/assortment of things I've done.  The placeholder I have up right now, is...well...pretty bland.  And dull.  And has nothing to do with a resume.  So I'm going to be massively updating this.  

Creatively, I want to better use my love of colors and designs to make a visually pleasing, but still professional, resume page.  

Technically, I want to use more advanced coding so that my page doesn't look like something straight out of 1995.  

Personally?  I just want to have something I can give to a potential employer and say, "It's all right here and I designed this myself."  

I want to have the basics done by Thursday with altering colors and designs.  As for Tuesday, I'm hoping to have a good chunk of updated materials up and ready to go.  

But what's holding me back right now?  I forgot my HTML book. *sigh*

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What kinds of colors are you looking for? Keep in mind that the color you pick might turn out differently on different computer screens, so be wary if you select vibrant hues. I've run into that issue in the past.

Also, don't limit yourself to what that HTML book teaches. If it's the same one I used when I took Writing for the Internet, I can tell you that it's pretty linear. A lot of the stuff I implemented on my site (such as the navigation bar) was done by simply reading tutorials online. I bet there are some youtube tutorials as well!

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