A Place To Call Home

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"He hadn't taken a suitcase because there was nothing from there that he wanted to keep" (O'Connor 44).

This line to me is not only a good example of when to use telling but also an important aspect of this little boy's character.  In the story "The River", it is mentioned that the boy is "four or five" (O'Connor 24).  What a thought for a young boy to have!  He did not want to keep anything from that apartment because he did not want to remember it.  He obviously did not have a very happy childhood, his parents did not pay attention to him, and there was nothing for him there in that place.  It is incredible to me that this young character would even have such a thought.  Granted, the words are there in simplistic terms (as the little boy would have said them) but they convey the broader meaning that he did not feel that he had a home.  That place was not home.

Take your suitcase back home.


Angela Palumbo said:

Great observation Lauren! I think this line is probably brings to light just how bad the Harry's situation was. Most children at that age would want to take something, a stuffed animal or a action figure but to have NOTHING that you value is horrible. This story is so sad but worth reading because it brings to light some important issues.

Great catch... TELLING this detail also SHOWS insights into his loneliness, preparing us to believe he would work so intently to attain the promise he seeks in the river.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

Good example of showing and telling!!! It's interesting that one is used to exhume the other.

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