Knot Exactly A Happy Ending

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Mrs. Hale (her hand against her pocket): "We call it--knot it, Mr. Henderson" (Glaspell). 

The last line of the play may be one of the creepiest endings in literature that I have ever read.  The minute I read it, all I could imagine was Mrs. Wright tying the rope around Mr. Wright's neck.  The entire drama seemed to give the message of "Don't underestimate the women." 

However, we cannot completely make Mrs. Wright to be an evil, murderous woman.  Mr. Wright did not only (allegedly) kill her bird, he killed her spirit.  All the descriptions that Mrs. Hale gave of a younger Mrs. Wright seemed completely different from what she was in later years.  This is not just a tale of revenge--Mrs. Wright was standing up for herself.  In no way am I justifying murder; I am just pointing out that Mrs. Wright's motive was beyond avenging the death of her bird, she was avenging herself.  The attorney and sheriff kept saying how they needed a motive; judging by their perceptions of women, they most likely never would have never figured out Mrs. Wright's true motive.

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Deana Kubat said:

i agree that the last line definately puts suspence into the ending, but they never actually tell you if she did it or not. who knows, someone may have broken into the house...unlikely but hey anything can happen. i personally did no like the ending at all, i didn't truely get the ending. i understanding knotting and the rope was knotted but..haha??

Kaitlin Monier said:

The end to this play was very creepy, but it left a lasting impression. It won't be one soon to be forgotten. I also agree that Mrs. Wright's intentions for killing her husband were more than simply revenge.

Fun title to your blog, it made me laugh.

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