Nothing Good Comes Out Of Closets

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"Quickly: The young man is an honest man.

Caius:  Vat shall de honest man do in my closset?  Dere is no honest man dat shall come in my closset"  (Shakespeare 69-71). 

There is a consistent obsession with honesty throughout Act I of The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare.  Sir Hugh Evans speaks of liars, Mistress Quickly tries to hide Simple in Caius's closet, etc. 

Honestly (since we're talking about it), one of the reasons why I chose this exchange is because it made me laugh.  Caius has good reason to be worried--what the hell would a man being doing in his closet?

Think about your childhood.  Where did all the scary monsters come from?  The closet. 

But, next time you see your closet door open in the middle of the night, don't be frightened.  It's just Simple.  :-)

Enter the closet of quotes.


Juliana Cox said:

Interesting comparisson of the closet scene and the refrence of a closet as a child. I would have not made that connection. I do agree though that there is an abundance of the referal to honesty in the first scene. To be in someones closet you are either hiding so you don't get caught or lost looking for the bathroom.

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