Will You Or Won't You Woo Me?

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"Anne: What is your will?

Slender: My will?  'Od's heartlings, that's a pretty jest indeed!  I ne'er made my will yet, I thank God.  I am not such a sickly creature, I give heaven praise" (Shakespeare 55-58).

I love this line; I laughed out loud when I read it.  Right after Anne insists to Shallow that he let Slender woo for himself, Slender replies to her question with this. 

In my opinion, Shakespeare is making his male characters look like fools in this play.  This is very surprising to me, because he, being a male himself, perhaps would not like to portray his fellow men in this way.  But he really gives the play a female perspective (hence the name The Merry Wives of Windsor).  I want to know his reason behind it (though perhaps I will never know) and I am hoping that as I progress through the play, this reason will come to light.  This is quite different from the Shakespearian tragedies that I am used to, but I am enjoying it a lot.

I am interested to see what fate Shakespeare has planned for his male characters.

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