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"'If you want to be a good teacher, don't be an education major.  The best thing you can do is be really good in your subject'" (Lemire 34). 

Of course I had to choose Kelly Cowan's interview (she is a Spanish teacher) but I did not simply choose hers for that reason.  I found that a lot of her values as a teacher were comparable to the values we have here at Seton Hill.  I believe that the whole reason why SHU has education as a separate certification and not a major or minor is so that the students learn more content.  I completely agree with her statement.

Most of the complaints I hear about foreign language teachers is that most students did not believe that they (the teachers) knew what they were doing.  Sadly, this can be true.  I have a friend at another university who has a foreign language teacher that mispells the foreign words on the board (yikes!).  If you, as a student, can pick up that the teacher is consistently making mistakes that they should not be making, how much are you going to respect them as a teacher?  

I was also happy to read Cowan's interview because it showed the similarities between teaching English and Spanish.  The skills overlap.  I have to admit, I do get annoyed when people cannot spell to save their lives.  I am guilty of it too, though, but I know that if I were teaching a lesson I would double check the spelling of the words I was teaching (especially if they were vocabulary words that I wanted the students to know). 

Regardless of what subject you are teaching, you should know the content.  Teaching strategies are important too, but if you do not even know your subject, how can you teach it?   

"I remember...

10% of what I READ.

20% of what I HEAR.

30% of what I SEE.

50% of what I SEE AND HEAR.



95% of what I TEACH TO OTHERS."


Tiffany Gilbert said:

That is a very good quote. Only by law do you need a certificate to teach in schools, but if you really know what you're doing and your subject very well, anyone can learn from you when you're willing to teach.
Nice quote, I like it :)

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