Expecto Degreeum!

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"Degrees can be helpful, but they are not magical" (Lemire 44).

I apologize for the Harry Potter reference, but I simply could not think of a more suitable blog entry title.  Plus, you know you love HP.  :-P

Anyway, the way that Lemire describe the importance of degrees was really surprising to me.  He almost acted like they had no influence over whether you got a job or not.  But now I am starting to understand what he is saying.

There are two general types of college students: those who are there for the education and those who are there to party.  I don't mean to stereotype, but I believe that is what it generally comes down to.  It's not always their faults either; some parents force their children to go to college, even if they don't want to.  Inevitably, that child may not give a hoot about their education because they did not want to be there in the first place.  But both of those types of students can walk out of college with a degree. 

I have heard many people say that whether or not you get a job depends on what degree you have and what school you went to.  Lemire seems to dismiss this idea.  Sure, having a degree does imply that you went on to higher education and took more classes...but does that mean that you gained more knowledge?  I think that everyone learns something after coming out of college.  Lemire seems to think that it all comes down to whether or not you took your education seriously. 

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I sometimes think of this attitude as "Accio diploma!"

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