If It's Obvious, Then Why Bring It Up?

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"It is not difficult to label the agent of evil in Flannery O'Connor's signature story, 'A Good Man is Hard to Find'" (Desmond 129).

If it is not difficult to label it, then why mention it?  I felt that this was a weak first sentence and it seemed to be just an excuse to mention the story's title.  Reading through the rest of this analysis, I felt somewhat lost and had to keep reminding myself what his claim was.  Now, I know I am not an expert at close reading (my essay was not the best in the world), but I know a good literary analysis when I see one.  Now, I'm not trying to put Desmond down.  I mean, he wrote an 8 page close reading essay for goodness sake, he should win an award for that.  And he also uses the text well and other sources to try and support his claim.  But I just feel that his claim is weak in the first play.  The first sentence somewhat put me off and it did not get me interested in reading the rest of it.  At least start out strong and then fall to pieces.  But don't start out weak, because chances are, the reader won't go past the first sentence.

We're off to see the Misfit. 

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