Oh No She Didn't

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Oh yes she did.  Take a look for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen:

"But warnings about the heat and the allergies put me off, not to mention my worry that the Latinos might be hogging all the crap jobs and substandard housing for themselves, as they so often do" (Ehrenreich 121).

Needless to say, I was pissed about this quote.  In my previous entry about Nickel and Dimed, I noted how negative her tone was toward "trailer trash".  Now she is picking on Latinos.  Can this lady be any more closed minded?  I have to say that I did not enjoy reading this book from her discriminating point of view.  All she likes to do is point out stereotypes and complain about them.  Well I have something to say to her:

Mira, Barbara.  Pienso que usted necesita aprender algo sobre el respeto.  ¿Me escucha?  Usted debe abrir su mente antes de su boca.  Hay muchos latinos que han tenido éxito en sus profesiones y viven en casas bonitas.  No me gusta su actitud con las personas de otros etnicidades y clases sociales/económicos.  Antes de escribir su libro próximo, usted debe viajar a un país que no habla inglés y ver como usted se siente.  Después de eso, yo podré respetar sus ideas.

Vamos a volver al mundo donde tienen mentes abiertas.


Jessie Farine said:

I think her references to Latinos and trailer-trash were meant in a different way.

The way I took it, her reference to Latinos being in crappy jobs and substandard housing was intended to bring to light that these options are the only options for Hispanic immigrants, only she said it in a sort of cynical and sarcastic tone.

In her quote about trailer-park people, she said it was something to "aspire to" to give a sense of just how poor she was (since she was commonly living in motels). At least trailer-park people have a home.

I believe she was playing off of the prejudices that are common in our society. How narrow-minded can she be when she's trying to broaden other people's views and enlighten them on something they might not have to deal with?

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