Based On True Events (In Ten-Beat Lines Of Verse)

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After charging my mp3 player today, I turned it on, only to see that a message had come across the screen: Rebuilding Library.  In the 3 years that I had owned my Dell DJ, I had never seen such a message.  Once it was finished, I went into my library only to find that it had deleted 1000 songs.  1000 SONGS!  I am still very distressed about it.  I hope that you can feel my pain through these 10 lines of verse (the iambic pentameter's a little off, but I tried):

Rebuilding still rebuilding still rebuild

wait WHAT is THIS what have you done no NOT

construction but destruction gone all gone

one thousand songs all gone all gone.

You THIEF you THIEF please stop that THIEF for he

has stolen music all my music STOP

him STOP that traitor who takes music not

just music but my soul that lives and thrives

in all those songs all gone all gone just gone.

This is the worst robbery of my soul.

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