Last Words

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"I have been told that the dying words of one famous 20th-century writer were, 'I should have used fewer semicolons"--and although I have spent months fruitlessly trying to track down the chap responsible, I believe it none the less" (Truss 127).

 First of all, I hope my last words are a little bit more in-depth than that.  Second of all, are semicolons such a bad thing?  As I mentioned in my last entry, semicolons save me from overenthusiastic commas.  I could never see the English language without them.  So many of my essays would be lacking without semicolons.  Granted, I'm not a stickler for punctuation, but if the semicolon was endangered, I would probably be upset.

I have nothing more to say; however, I'm sure that my classmates do.

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