I Tried To Write This Title In Italics But It Wouldn't Let Me

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"Like the exclamation mark, however, italics should be used sparingly for the purposes of emphasis--partly because they are a confession of stylistic failure, and partly because readers glancing at a page of type might unconsciously  clock the italicised bit before starting their proper work of beginning in the top left-hand corner" (Truss 147). 

I have to say that I am guilty of this.  I use italics way too much.  I just really like to use them because I think that they add character to a sentence; it is almost as if you can read it the way the writer meant for it to be read.  But it seems that nowadays italics aren't as acceptable as they used to be.  In formal papers, the only time I use italics is when I am citing a source on my works cited page.  But as a creative writer, I go crazy with it.  Probably too crazy, haha.

But hey, it beats just using it for MLA documentation, right?

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Anonymous said:

I also use italics WAY TOO MUCH!

"I also use italics way too much."
A perfect blank verse line intrigues us all!

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