Yinz better touch base if you hear a bustle in your hedgerow

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The following is taken from: http://www.urbandictionary.com.

"touch base- to make contact; to cover all the possibilities. Comes from baseball where the runners need to touch the base to make a run legal. Mostly used by asshat salesmen and contractors when they want to talk to you over the phone to see if you're interested in something they have for sale, usually around dinner time."

This can basically be heard in any office situation as well.  The boss will call an employee who is away on business just to "touch base".

"a bustle in your hedgerow- 'A bustle in your hedgerow,' the enigmatic line in Led Zep's 'Stairway To Heaven' classic, has mystified music mavens for decades. Hopefully, the following will sprinkle a scintilla of elucidation and edification upon this cryptic conundrum.

A hedgerow is a hedge that surrounds many estates in Britain.

Bustle, or noise or activity, used in this sense, means a disturbance close to home. Something's happening in your world!

It's just a spring clean for the May Queen.

Spring cleaning is an old domestic ritual cleaning meant to do away with the troubles of the past year and prepare for the coming year, and often includes disposing of old, useless things that have been lying around.

The May Queen was a maiden chosen by a village to represent the hopes and potential for the coming year. She was a symbol of beauty, spring and new beginnings.

So here, as an analogy, the lyric refers to getting rid of old and outdated systems in order to allow progress to occur."

Well, the best reference for this term is in the song "Stairway to Heaven" itself.  :-)

I had to use two definitions for this one:


Pittsburghese for 'you guys.' OR

Short for 'you ones'; could also be used in place of:
you guys
you all

Yinz goin' to da Stillers game?"

The only place you're ever really going to hear yinz is in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas.  I'm guilty of using it myself.  :-)

Yinz better get goin back to the homepage n'at.

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