Research or a Human Being?

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"Susie: She's DNR!  (She grabs him.)

Jason: (He pushes her away.)  She's Research!

Susie:  She's NO CODE!" (Edson 82).

This play had a pretty intense ending.  It was somewhat difficult for me to read.  Let's just say I know from personal experience that medical staff do not always pay attention to whether a patient is DNR or not.

It really makes you wonder about how people are truly treated in hospitals.

I am not trying to criticize all hospital employees; my own mother works at a hospital.  But there are just some people who should not have gone into their profession. 

There is really a conflict of morals here.


Ally Hall said:

I totally agree. You hear horror stories of people being treated horribly in hospitals, when that's the place that you're supposed to get better in. And then half the time, especially if you're really sick, the doctors seem to be more interested in the case itself than the actual patient. It's hard to think about being considered a case instead of a human being, which Vivian seemed to be to Jason.

Erica Gearhart said:

I think that you are both right. Many times, medical personnel seem unconcerned. I think that this emotion is very common in other areas too. Most people don't really care about each other, wich is so sad. I do think, however, that this sentiment is only more prominent in medical instances for two reasons: first, the scientific mindset separates reason and emotion, and second, when a person is constantly dealing with sick and dying people, one may not want to get too attached, hence the distant attitude. I'm not trying to provide excuses, but from my experience, this is often the case. I believe that people in general need to try to care about each other a little bit more. Afterall, the golden rule, that is actually present in all major world religions and cultures, is taught to us when we are very young. We would be better off in all situations if we just treated others the way we would want to be treated.

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