The Apple Falls Not Far From The Tree...Or Does It?

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"Is it some law of human nature that you inevitably become whatever your first commander was?  I can quit right now, if that's so" (Card 166).

I would like to remark on two things before I get to the actual subject of my blog entry. 

1)  Card does not use first person often in this book.  This is one of the few examples where we actually hear Ender's thoughts in the "I" form.  It almost seems as if he (Ender) is speaking to the minds of the teachers and administration of the school.

2)  It is always strange when Ender makes comments about human beings.  He seems to refer to them as a completely different species, but one in which he longs to be a part of.  His comment on the relation of human nature to the nature of the students at the school is quite ironic.

Ender seems to be afraid of the apple falls not far from the tree theory.  But in reality, I think that theory is a bunch of bull.  If we all took after our parents, we would all be exactly the same.  We are all related somehow.  To think that nobody ever breaks the chain is stupid.  There is always someone who strays from the pattern.  That person, in this case, is Ender.  He already claimed that he wanted to be nothing like the commanders before him.  Even though he used their same tactics to command respect and discipline, he really was nothing like them.  He actually felt compassion for his soldiers (even though they did not realize it) and he was probably the most human out of all the commanders there were.  In some respects, we do take after the people we learn from (whether they be our parents or our teachers) but we are still individuals.  

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