The End of Ender's Game

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"Real.  Not a game.  Ender's mind was too tired to cope with it all.  They weren't just points of light in the air, they were real ships that he had fought with and real ships he had destroyed.  And a real world that he had blasted into oblivion" (Card 297).   

When I read this paragraph, I really felt what Ender was going through.  The realization was just as real to me as it was to him.  I felt like I was Ender.  Props to Card for conveying Ender's emotion so well. 

I cannot say that I was not upset at the ending of this book.  I felt so bad for Ender.  All I wanted was for him to feel what it was like to just be a child.  But that was not his destiny.  This was the death of Ender's soul right here.  He may have won the battle against the buggers but he lost his life.  He was still alive physically but any hope that there was of him being emotionally stable was shattered.  Though at the end of the novel, things seem to get better for him, he realistically will never be able to bounce back from this.  They ruined him.

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