You Can't Handle The Truth! But You Might Like The Lies...

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"Ender nodded.  It was a lie, of course, that it wouldn't hurt a bit.  But since adults always said it when it was going to hurt, he could count on that statement as an accurate prediction of the future.  Sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth" (Card 2).

I really loved this paragraph, especially the last line.  It was just so...I don't know, for lack of a better word: true.  I have known people who were chronic liars and it was almost guaranteed that every word that came out of their mouths was a lie.  But even at that, they always gave themselves away because I knew that all I had to do was take the opposite of whatever they said to get the truth: 

"I did not mean to break your sidewalk chalk; it was an accident."  No, it was not an accident; you were mad because I stole your Pink Power Ranger.

"I did not eat all your Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs from your Easter basket."  Well then, there must be little gnomes running around stealing my candy because yesterday I had three and now I have none.

"The doctor will be with you in just a moment."  No, I will actually be stuck in this stuffy waiting room for three hours reading last year's magazines that were ripped to shreds by bored children.

And liars think that they are so sneaky!  Well they practically give themselves away after you catch them in the act the first time.

Let it be known that Ender spoke one of the most profound quotes that I have ever read; so profound in fact that I just might put it on my Facebook.  :-)

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