10, 2005

Portfolio #3 COVERPAGE

Life changes in an instant... don't let it stop you. You'll have a hard time putting your feet back on the ground. I still can't feel the floor.



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I know this isn't politicly but Merry Christmas everyone. I thought this was kind of a good thing to look into. So take a gander.

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08, 2005

Du Bois vs. Washington

Washington was a great man who, during a time period when no one was speaking out, wanted equality.
"I said that any individual who learned to do something better than anybody else—learned to do a common thing in an uncommon manner—had solved his problem, regardless of the colour of his skin, and that in proportion as the Negro learned to produce what other people wanted and must have, in the same proportion would he be respected."
He spoke in a room of all white men, and knew excactly what to say so that they wouldn't boo him off the stage, or hang him. It was a scary time, so he spoke in a more gentle manner than Du Bois.
Du Bois wanted change and he wanted it right then and there. But niether he or Washington would ever SEE change.
"To be sure, behind the thought lurks the afterthought,—suppose, after all, the World is right and we are less than men? Suppose this mad impulse within is all wrong, some mock mirage from the untrue?"
Think about that for just a minute. They thought, even if just for a moment, that they didn't deserve the right to live as free men and women. What is it that you and I can do DAILY to make sure no one ever has that thought again?

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Girl of the Golden West

Wow, i don't even know where to begin. i guess i should just start ranting.
this girl, who everyone calls GIRL, why? because it is a camp full of men, and she is the only female, so they need to constantly remind her, and themselves of that fact? To put her down constantly because she is just a woman?
She starts out as a strong stubborn woman who will not lay down her "first kiss" for any man in the camp, altough they all want her desperatly. Then some stranger comes around and she falls for him without knowing anything else about him.
Then she finds out that he came to town to steal from her and she still defends him (the forgiving power of love), and then gives up her dream, her bar, and her family to run away with this stranger.
Its amazing what people will give up when they find someone they love. Its romantic. But she gives up herself for a man, which I have learned from experience that its not a good idea.

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