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Buffy..How Sweet It Is

Wow! I am feeling so good right now (amped) which is a surprise considering that earlier I was about to fall out on the floor. Went to the training room early fo treatment on my quad and got to watch TV. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (tv show) was on and I was reminded of how much I love that show. LOVE!!

"I just wanna relax in a room with a lamp and a fire and a tea cozie. I don't necesarily know what a tea cozie is, but I want one!"-Buffy


Not just the given SMG and ED but I mean the off the collar humor that goes along with it. Think I will have my DVDs of Season 1-6 sent to S.H.U.

By the way Coach Fogle is the coolest coach ever. The team played tag in the gym upstairs during practice and this cool game like rock paper scissors but it was called "Wizard, Giants & Dwarfs" (no offense trying to be PC?) People were slipping and sliding and I wager that the floor was slightly wet. Gotta read over my "lacrosse bible" some more before coaches get on me for not being prepped. Community service....GRRREAT! Well tomorrow we roll with the writer. Peace out cub scouts.

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