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Wildcard Blog Entry Hey does anyone remember that crazy scientist Mr.Wizard? He was on TV like really early in the morning before I used to goto school. Like 7am and I was getting dressed in the 3rd grade and putting on my shoes and there he was. (I bet that sounded weird) I'd say he was replaced by Bill Nye the Science Guy, but he did have a good time while around.

"Mr. Wizard" (real name Don Herbert) who performed experiments using everyday household items to show kids that science was something we can all "get. The original Mr. Wizard ran on NBC for fourteen straight seasons from 1951-65, then left the air for several years.

"Old School" Nickelodeon I loved watching shows like "Pete and Pete" and "You Can't Do That On Television" "Wild and Crazy Kids" "Salute Your Shorts" and "Double Dare" with Mark Summers. It seems like now all there is on the network is cartoons. Nothing against cartoons but come on, can we see some real people for once?

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I LOVED Mr. Wizard! And "Double Dare" & "Pete & Pete" (whatever happened to P&P?). Once, my sister and I got grounded for duplicating a stunt we'd seen on "You Can't Do That On T.V." Apparently, you can't do that in Moira's house either...


I miss "Hey Dude." Is it bad that I can still sing the entire theme song?

I loved "Salute Your Shorts," which could also be recognized by "Camp Anawanna," as I've learned through conversation. Also I was a big fan of "Hey, Dude."

There were so many good shows on Nick in our day... they ought to bring 'em back and show today's kids what good entertainment on Nick is all about :) Mr Wizard was awesome. Mom didn't like me emulating him in our kitchen, however... *oops* haha ;)


I miss the old Nickelodeon too! I wish there was a channel that had all the old shows on it. I'd like to see some of them again, just one more time. They must be in a vault somewhere...

There is a channel called Noggin that has a number of old shows, but it's a special order channel like HBO and junk... *argh* I think they ought to bring back Tiny Toon Adventures, too ;)


Wow, I never realized what a heated topic of debate all old school Nick shows were. This is great press. We can start a revolutionary movement to bring back "real" Nick shows. Wait until you get a look at my next entry. It's centered around an age old controversial figure of society.....Barbie


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