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This is the best televison show of its kind. When you have horrible lines of perversion coming out of the mouth of a 46 year old high school freshman that is an ex con, ex street whore named Jerri Blank than you know true amusement. I am left on the ground laughing hysterically and trying to gasp for air. The comments of the characters are totally off the wall.

"Ok class. Today I'd like to play some mountain music I wrote while on the beach"-Mr. Jellyneck

"Ah Ha! I've been waiting all since you walked in to bust you."-Mr.Noblet

"I don't like you. Compren Ze Vu? Amigo."-Principal Blackman

"It was a cold and whispery November. I had been drinking all day and I was thrown from a horse. I had to have a lamenectamy. You all know the size of a king size sheet right? Well imagine scrambling down the hall in one of those after a boot of skag or a snort of horse."-Jerri Blank

(more great quotes to come at a later date)

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I don't usually watch TV, but this sounds extremely twisted (I like twisted!) I wonder what channel this is on!


nitpick: it was a boot of scag or a snort of horse ;)


Thanks for the correction Nicki.

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