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Panel 1-D: Before Web Browsers

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I have to admit that I was one of those people that thought computers emerged falling out of the sky in the 1980s. It is rather difficult to put a time frame on technology when asked to do so. I cannot imagine this day and age without my personal computer. Surely those who invented the first "super computers" for calculating large mathematical problems did not think that years later some college kid would be keeping an online weblog through one.

Not to mention that the internet is a concept that blows my mind to this day. Millions maybe even billions of individuals logging onto a single 'information super highway.' Its also funny how technology like computers and the internet and even wireless e-mail has influenced popular culture. As these technologies continue to develope they pop up in television shows, movies and magazines.

Any form of media that is viewed by the public has been influenced by technological advances. For example the movies "The Net" and "You've Got Mail" were made for this generation. Twenty five years ago they might have been seen as science fantasy/fiction.

Generally speaking in regard to technology many Science Fiction TV Shows, they often branch off and create higher level form of already existing products like computers and cell-phones/communication devices. They expand on the technology of our day and make it futuristic. Its a very interesting thing to look at our computer influenced culture.

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I'd say that "The Net" was definitely a thriller; it was set in the present day, but the technology was part of the "system" that was out to get the protagonist. I haven't seen "You've Got Mail," but I understand fromt he previews that e-mail drives the plot... you're right, that would have seemed like science fiction not too long ago.

The X Files often had Scully and Mulder sneaking around different places, and then they'd call each other and announce (for the benefit of the viewer) what they had just seen.

I'm often amused, when watching reruns of old shows like Charlie's Angels, at how many of the characters' problems would have been solved if they'd simply had portable phones.

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