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Portfolio Cover Entry

Hello. My name is Leslie Rodriguez and welcome to my weblog sponsored by Movable Type. I am a freshman at Seton Hill University and as part of my Writing for The Internet class and the New Media Journalism program I write and respond blog entries on various topics.

These entries are then posted for public view on my blog. This entry acts as an introduction to my blog portfolio which includes selected entries that reflect on our classes panel presentations, the three texts which we use in class. The following topics will be examined and discussed in my blog portfolio:

1. Panel 1-A: Introduction to Weblogs
-The origin of the weblog and its many forms. History of blogging at Seton Hill.
2. Panel 1-B: Introduction to Weblogs II
-Important skills and functions that will help one better their personal weblog.
3. Panel 1-C: The History of the World Wide Web
-Blogging and 911; Web Browser Wars and Dot.com failures.
4. Panel 1-D: Before Web Browsers
-History of the PC and the background of Microsoft and Bill Gates.
5. Panel 1-E: Current Issues in Cyberspace
-File sharing and ethics examined with college students in mind.
6. Panel 1-F: You Can't Do That with Text
-Interactive fiction games explored.
7. Panel 1-G: Topics in Cyberfirction
-IF Games; Story driven video games and a personal view of RP/Fan Fiction.

The Class Texts:
-A Summaryof books; look at the different web areas explored within them.
*Hot Text: An overview
*Writing for the Web: An Overview
*The Weblog Handbook: An Overview

The Collection
-Collection of best weblog entries. Intellectual engagement and involvement.
*Coverage Blog
-Depth Blog 1
-Depth Blog 2
-Depth Blog 3

-Comment Primo
Discussion Blog 1

Wildcard Blog, Interaction Blog 2, Discussion Blog 2
Interaction Blog 3, Discussion Blog 3

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Lovely linkage. I like that you also added a bit to each link. You may want to add a little bit more about your experience in a topic to lure a reader in. After all, this is your blog.

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