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Panel 1-A: Introduction to Weblogs

A weblog can be used to convey many different types of information to a large audience. It is a tool that can express opinions as well as personal and intimate feelings. Stormy Knight showed us an example of her very own Open Diary and also sited the LiveJournal and weblogs. These are all similar in structure and in makeup. They have a centralized purpose which is to make information available to an audience. I never had any prior experience with blogging before I took this class. In fact I used to make fun of people for using LiveJournals to express some of their deepest most intimate secrets online. Now I have a new found respect for the idea of posting, blogging, threading and responding. The purpose of the blog no longer has to be as a diary. That perception is dead. Now the blog is a window into the lives, opinions and lifestyles of people.

Blogging at Seton Hill University has really taken off and gained immense popularity. Students in Dr.Jerz's class as well as outsiders are joining in on the blogging phenomenon. Teachers in the English Department swap stories on their blogs and branch out and communicate with professors from other schools. Blogging can be used by students to post questions to their peers and recieve feedback on school assignments. Your homework for a class can soon become a topic of interest among bloggers. It is amazing how the weblog becomes an academic resource to those who use it.

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