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Panel 1-B: Introduction to Weblogs II

Personalization and beautification of ones weblog is not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm not much into decorating my blog with fancy colors and fonts. I think that either way my message should be the focal point of the entry not some crazy background and outlandish JPEG or flashy icons.
It was neat to see how Val did her own blog. I do enjoy putting small pictures on my blog entries every now and then because it adds a little bit of visual spice to what we are discussing. Html code masters put a lot more effort into this than I could ever possibly do at this point in my internet writing career.

There are two common types of blogs out in the cyber world and they are edu-blogs and pundit blogs. An interesting definition of one who has a pundit blog like myself is: I like to blog about a specific topic of interest that I am passionate about - be it business, politics, technology, law, education, entertainment, or literature. I blog regularly and I welcome relevant discussions about my topic. I have a constant thirst for knowledge. The edu blog is used mainly for educational reasons as implied by its name.

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