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Panel 1-C: The History of the World Wide Web

Following the events of 9-11 there was a massive surge of blogging that took place. Many families began using blogging as a way to create a shrine or memorial to the loved ones that they lost. Other groups that lost someone on that tragic day in history began using blogs to communicate with one another and share their experiences. Survivors of the massacre had stories to tell and blogging allowed them a way to get the word out.

The web browser wars are being continually waged each day as each web browser tries to out do his nearest competitor. Microsoft's Internet Explorer hates Netscape Navigator and vise versa. Then we've got the new "Firefox" web browser that is easy to use, and can be personalized. There are so many different options out there on the market that it is hard to tell which is the right one.

There was a great surge of dot.com corporations that popped up in the early 90s and they were run by quote un-quote "green haired college graduates." (Thank's Jerz for that little quote)
Even some of the most popular dot.com site that were around did not survive for long. E-Toys.com and the infamous Pets.com both ended up failing and their investors lost money. Yahoo! was one of the first internet search engines and it is still popular and in use today. Another pioneer of the internet dot.com surge is Amazon.com. They were doing things that no one else had done before. There are really two extremes to the dot.com story. Either it is wildly successful or it tanks like the movie, "You Got Served."

Database of Dot.Com Failures

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Just letting you know, I linked to this entry on my blog.

Is that a pic of that girl from OoT? Looks like it. ;P



I just found this entry and I like it! I will include you as a link on my blog. I especially like the database of dot-com failures! Rock on! (o:

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