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Panel 1-F: You Can't Do That with Text

So I can't do this with text? Well there are apparently many things that I am not supposed to do with text but they do happen. Oh well? I touched briefly upon interactive fiction games in my last entry but this one will delve more in depth into the games which we played in class such as Photopia. Where to begin with Photopia? I will now post a selection/collaborated entry that I wrote in response to Jerz's inquiry about the game in general. It should suffice.

Taken from an old entry and in use now:
Wow! Let me start by just releasing a sigh of relief that this assignment is over. Don't get me wrong it was fun but tedious. Photopia is a really confusing game that took me about an hour and a half before I gave up on it. I was amazed how in depth of a game it was. The author spent a lot of time creating a complex storyline that was entertaining. When the game began I was thining "Why am I some drunk man in a car and who is trying tell a bed time story?" It was rather hard to follow the changing of characters but I will attribute that to the fact that I have never done interactive fiction games like this before. You start out as one person and end as another. I have to admit that I admire people that are clever enough to figure out these games right away. When I was on the Red Planet which I'm assuming was MARs I finally realized that I was part of this "bedtime" story which the babysitter was telling. It was not until very later that I realized the babysitter was killed by the drunk driver. I am clueless in regard to the baby at then end. I would definately try to play this game again and beat it in my free time.

The idea of the Wikki is almost kind of stupid to me. I cannot understand why someone would put information on a site that is subject to change by the second. Sure there is the advantage that the information could possibly be updated constantly, but not everything on the internet is gospel and some people may really try to screw you over with false or invalid information. It seems like a good idea but it may be a disaster.

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