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Panel 1-G: Topics in Cyberfiction

I never played an IF game like Photopia but I have played games like "Oregon Trail", "Amazon Trail" and "Yukon Trail" in which you must travel across a certain landform/distance on a journey to reach a designated location. You have some control over the outcome of the story and there are several different endings.

As far as online goes. I have been a part of many BTVS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) RP (role playing) games. I will go into different chat rooms every now and then that are designated for the show and then choose my USER NAME based on who I want to play or if I want to play a game at all. Sometimes you can just sit back and watch a story unfold and that is equally entertaining. Ususally if I want to watch/read I goes as CrazedFaith5by5 but when I want to play an RP game I designate myself a character by putting RP_Faith or who ever I want to be (RP_Vamp_Buffy) etc. They are pretty fun to play. In regard to hypertext fiction, I have read a lot of Fan Fiction.

Story driven video games are really cool and so much better than the average Tetris or Atari type games that are not at all complex. The Matrix video game and the ones like Final Fantasy and Spiderman are the best. They allow the player on the outside to feel like they are part of an elaborate story and game. Putting so much time into the story and possible (various) outcomes/resolutions is not taking away from the graphics or any other aspects of the game at all.

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