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Blogging: Social Action


Blogging and and reality T.V shows have a lot more in common than I could have ever imagined. In class we discussed the parallels between the two forms of media/entertainment. The Real World on MTV for example markets televisions, cool clothes and fun vacations to the teenagers and young adults that watch the show. In the blog world, you can market products in a similar non-obvious way by mentioning a product you liked or didn't like in your blog. For example, if you reference a new line of hair care products which you enjoy and reccomend it, there is a likely chance that some people will take your reccomendation and try it. This increases the sale of the product and you have just marketed it.

Blogs have a great impact on society in a political sense and not all of them are necesarily personal blogs that reflect opinions or examine someones life in depth. Informative blogs can in fact be just as popular as the personal type which we all love so much because of its juicy details and gossip.

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