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Panel 2-B:Into the Blogosphere 1

One issue in the three articles which we discussed was the use of image or picture blogs. Visual blogs are somewhat different from the traditional blog. Some visual blogs consist of only pictures. I personally am a huge fan of people putting pictures in their blogs. It really appeals to me as it does to most people. Images add to any entry and it is usually in a positive way. When I read someones blog I like to know what they are talking about and the incorporation of images helps me to better undestand some things that I may not have recognized in text but rather by sight.

When I blog about a movie I have seen I like to post a small movie poster in the middle of my my entry and this gives my readers something to identify with. If they goto a store and see the same cover on the movie box it may jog their memory and they may buy that movie. Other times that I like to use images on my blog are when I am telling a story. If I have pictures from that particular event that will explain my story better than words than I will post them. For example, if I wanted to tell the entire internet about my good friend Tyler from back home I would post a picture of him. He is a pretty cool and crazy guy. So I posted this picture of him that was a joke he sent to me. Take it any way that you like but its just a view of his silly sense of humor. I told him to send me a pic of him for me to have here at school and he sent me this.

It is pretty insane that Bell Labs would try and make a map of the entire internet. I mean that has to be an almost impossible task. In fact this "map" is really just a representation of relationships and dispositions not an actual map. In regard to cultural geography of the internet, the blogosphere is a great example. Topics and discussions which occur on blogs are constantly changing as does the culture of the people who use them. Blogs may actually facilitate these changes.

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