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Panel 2-A: Weblog Case Studies

*Kaycee Nicole*
The story of the Kaycee Nicole weblog is kind of a sick one in my mind. Who on this earth would pretend to be a cancer ridden young woman and then fake their own death? I cannot imagine the feelings of her loyal online friends and supporters after it was revealed that the entire thing was a "hoax". It sounds like there was not an intent to trick or hurt these people but its still over the line. What was the real point behind it all? Had I been one of those who had been tricked I would have been angry not only at this woman who fabricated the story but also at myself. I suppose the lesson behind this weblog case study is that not everything online should be taken as gospel. Anyone can put anything online and people may take it as truth. This shows you the power of weblogs and other forms of online media.
(The alleged cancer victim pictured below)


*She's a Flight Risk*
This was a pretty cool. It was basically written as a fictional online story that was told through a blog. It was the tale of a rich heiress that ran away from her throne to escape and arranged marriage and she travels the world going from place to place trying not to get caught. She's an international fugitive and maintains a blog about her status and encounters. I'm not sure how many people took this story as truth but it was very well written. In fact the author was even sought out to publish this story and others in a book. The blog authors family has even shyed away from them lime light and requested that newspapers and reporters look no further into their lives.

*Dear Raed*
Blogs most definately started gaining a lot of coverage when America was at war with Iraq particularly from the blog entitled "Dear Raed" He is from Baghdad. At the point of its emergence; the consensus appeared to be that it was genuine -- although some critics and skeptics maintain that it may be a hoax or propaganda ploy. In the UK, The Guardian, had enough confidence in "Dear Raed" to run a text-only version of this blog on its own site.

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