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Panel 2-C: Into the Blogosphere 2

Personal Publication and Public Attenion
*The internet was definately influenced greatly and gained popularity from the use of AOL. (America Online) I know that when I first started learning about computers and using my own PC I heard only of AOL. TV commercials constantly promoted AOL and the new upgrades for it. As with the internet, blogs also gained a certain amount of popularity and soon became specialized to cater to the lower levels of technological knowledge of users. When technology and computers became readily available to a mass audience the shift of the internet from an economic, political and academic elite network was visible. Even View image">my Dad, one of the most computer illiterate people, learned how to use AOL and the internet. He has gone from knowing nothing to being a self taught computer user.

I don't know how I feel about the idea of classifying blogs and thinking less of the ones that are personal or written for entertainment. Its funny how blogging is a genre in itself, but there are so many sub-genres of it. The judgement of blogs reminds me of popular fiction in a sense. Critics and readers tend to highly critisize popular fiction novels as low brow reading. In the case of blogs, critics devalue the popular blogs which may be personal or fiction.

Parody Blogging and the Call of the Real
*I definitely agree that there is a difference between arguments and argumentation. When discussing a topic of heated debate on a blog one must be careful not to give way to argumentation. One produces un-necesary conflict, whilw the other promotes healty and respectful discussion of different viewpoints. At times on blogs conflict arises and debating turns into personal attacks. This could tell you a lot about the maturity level of the one making all the rude comments. Arguing is not necesarily the problem that we as Americans are afflicted with but rather arguing badly. We are all culprits of this crime at one time or another in our lives when we have wanted to feel right about something.

Remediation, Genre, and Motivation: Key Concepts for Teaching with Weblogs
*There is a very interesting concept brought up in this section of the article that refers to old media and genres becoming the content of new media. I agree from the reading that 2003 really was the year of the blog as blogging gained immense popularity in classes across the country. Before reading this article I did not know of the journal blog, notebook blog and filter blog. They were all foreign terms to me that I may have seen before but would not be able to recognize if they were put in front of me.

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