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Visual Blog 1

This is a test/experiment to see people's responses to visual blogs. I will post two or three pictures on this entry and hope to spark a conversation or receive comments about them. This may be done several more times as well. Please feel free to comment as frequently needed. The first is my friend Lisa, and the second is my Dad.

Picture #1


Picture #2


Comments (4)

Jaynelle Stevens:

Roamer, you are quite creative with your visual pictures.... I just hope that one of mine don't appear! jk haha nice job

Roamer (Leslie):

Hey thanks for your comment. One of yours may acutally appear sometime in the near future. What can I say? I love your braces.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll give my response in 8:

What is that animal your dad is holding?

I must need new glasses! ('8

Roamer (Leslie):

You are a very funny individual. The animal which my father is holding is a wild bore. Don't ask me why, but he went to California and decided this would make a great picture. If he only knew that he has become an internet celebrity. =)Do you even want to know about the first picture?

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