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Jerri Blank: Back Again

Ok, so some of you may remember my refference to Strangers With Candy, the 3 season television show on Comedy Central. As you know, I love this show. There is something about its sick, funny, non-pc humor that hits home with me. Recently I have aquired season 3 on DVD and I am so excited to share the wonderous world of Jerri Blank with Seton Hill University. I have also just been made aware that the stars have reached perfect allignment and hell has frozen over which means the unthinkably great is going to happen...there is going to be a full length Strangers With Candy Movie.

spinpill.gifSome 'SWC' Quotes To Think About:
"May all your showers be golden."
"I'm gonna make your pinky all stinky."
"You know...I cried when I had no shoes, and then I met a man that had no feet and I lauhged really hard."

Something that I can't get over is that Amy Sedaris is Jerri Blank. I mean come on they look so different. She looks human where as Jerri can be described as looking like a "distant relative of Swoosie Kurtz in Tammy Faye Bakker makeup and clothes that were tossed out by the Goodwill thrift shop." I'll post a picture of them both in the near future and you can be the judge.

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Roamer, I want to let you know that I agree with you 100% that I totally agree with you that Jerri Blank is wonderful. I especially love when she calls me to sing to me. Good job on your blogs.

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