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Mr.Rogers: Marine Sniper

I was in study hall tonight and my friend Mark says to me, "You know, Mr.Rogers was a very famous marine sniper. And on top of that he had to wear long sleeves because of all the 'marine tattoos' covering his arms." I was like 'OK,' and went on about my business. It seemed logical enough and he believed this whole heartedly. There was no changing his mind. Later on I started to wonder the validity of this story. If it was true, how come I had never heard it before? I researched and this is what I found.
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The Truth About Fred Rogers

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I had read that same "fact" about granola-crunchy John Denver... sounds like an urban legend to me.


It is a mystery to me how these things get circulated and are taken as gospel. I guess the internet facilitates the spreading of such rumors.

Thank goddess that one isn't true! That would have been disturbing beyond words! ;c)


In the summer of 2001 I was on a guided tour of the United States Pentagon conducted by a member of the United States Air Force. During our tour there IS a photo of Fred Rogers wearing BDU's and a white T-shirt. Mr Rogers was in fact a Marine sniper.


he was not a marine sniper.. rumors traveled in the early 90's and mid 90's but from the info i pulled on his background he never had time to serve in any millitary of any kind


Marines do NOT wear "BDUs"...that's what the Army wears. Marines wear "cammies"...and NO...Mister Rogers was NEVER a Marine. Sorry.


-.- omg.....mr. rogers was not a sniper..theres no way unless the government hid his info. the most famous CONFIRMED sniper is carlos hattock with a 93 kills.

a marine:

BDUs were woren by marines, army soldier, and all other branches of service, until the change over to digi cammies in the early 2000s, as for the mister roger rumor, if you want to know the truth go down to parris island history museum and tell me he is not on the wall of famous face marines.

NO! Marines never have wore BDUs, they look like BDUs but when a Marine wheres them they turn into cammies. NEVER BDUs! that word does not exist. Only the amry calls them BDUs


I heard it from a from of mine friends that Mister Rogers was a marine sniper with 75 or more confirmed kills. So I decided to look it up because it didn't sound right to me and on every biograghy I read it never said Mister Rogers was a sniper. Also the marines didnt start to wear cammies somewhere around early 2001.


alot can be said im not saying its true but i wont to see ths


You idiots! I am an active duty Marine and we have NEVER called them BDU's they were ALWAYS CALLED CAMMIES. Yes we switched to digi cammies in 2000-2001 but even when we had the old stlye blotch pattern we still called them cammies


Yes, it is true he was a military sniper. my grandfather served with him. My grandfather actually recognized him on TV with no knowledge of him (Mister Rodgers) having been in vietnam. Another tid bit Mister Rodgers had the most confirmed kills for his unit.


It's very possible that he covered it up. How hard would it be fore the government to rewrite Fred's history on the Internet? Seriously. If he was as good of a sniper as they say he was.

Besides, not many people get to hang with the president. Fred had some contacts, and the look on Bush's Face is like "You really pulled it off!"

There's a lot you don't know about our country, this isn't too hard to believe.

Check the link.



Mr Rodgers was a marine sniper and combat proven Navy Seal in Vietnam! He was an expert in small arms and close quarters combat! He would not have has any difficulty killing any man with his bare hands if he wanted to! He had 25 confirmed kills! Lee Marvin was also a REAL Marine and Was shot in the backside half way up Iwo Jima! He's ain't lying either, he's buried in in Arlington Nation cemetary! Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it!


you guys are idiot mr.rogers was a marine sniper i met him and he showd me his tatoos


I think he was a sniper i served with him so that is true


I think that you all dont know him apparently i dont eathier he was a deadly weapon why would he do a kids tv show

billy green:

i think he was a good person he killed my principle


Hey i also am a active marine.... well was a used to be and that does't mean anything so just beleive that he was a marine

delbert willy:

Fred McFirearms Rogers

That's what we jokingly called him, when the was the few times to joke or just to smile of being alive. I could write volumes of the times Fred saved mine and others asses in a firefight, but that would not describe the man. He took his sniping as serious as he took his religion. Many a Grunt he comforted with biblical verse when there was nothing but death and dispair all around. Freds arms were burned badly from an overhead freindly napalm drop on area. He had pulled a tent/tarp cover down over some men and covered himself all but his arms. He never made a sound as that goopy shit sizzled on his arms. Thanks Fred and thanks for the opportunity to make this posting in honor of Fred. LTCL DW.


Wow, i can't believe how many stupid people there are. I have done quite a bit of research trying to figure this out and NOTHING confirms that Fred Rogers was ever in the armed forces. All the supposed "facts" are constantly contradicting themselves and most of you are too stupid to see it.
BTW: yes, the government covers up quite a bit and it wouldn't be hard for them to cover Fred's past if they wanted to, but...WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY DO THAT! They have no reason to spend the money and time for something as insignificant as that. They have bigger things they spend their time covering up. Like 9-11.

fred Rizzzle:

i was too a gall durn sniper i have 50 kills and a bullet tattoo for each kill bitches. I also a black belt.Dont believe me? i put your ass on the trolli and take u to the land of make belive

Justin Dixon:

why cant he have been a Marine Corps Sniper? Could it not be up to him if he wished to have that known or not? None of us will ever get the chance to ask him. To me it would make sence if he was a Marine, some of the smartest, nicest, mellow people i know are Marines and he did have a sence of calm confidence ive seen in Marines. Maybe he choose to hide it because perants would frown on that fact and not allow there children to watch the show, or maybe he just did not want to be known for that. So far none has said for sure he was not in the Marine, nothing said fromt he family and the Marine Corps would not give out that information if he dint want them too. Anyway, just something to think about.


dorcas apparently youre the dumbass because yes mr. rogers was a marine sniper. so before you start calling people dumb do better research.


I believe LtCol DW...Makes perfect sense that after all the hell of Viet Nam, he would serve our country further by teaching our children love and compassion for decades...I am a vet, and I salute you, "Mr Rogers"!

CPL 1st Class Wayner USMC Retired:

Cammies = camouflage = what a Marine wears.
Sniper = your 6 = your dead ass if you dont keep it tucked in and down.
Semper Fidelis = Semper Fi = Allways Faithful to the (Marine)Corps.
Fred McFirearms Rogers = Just another deadly Jarhead with a heart the size of the Pentagon.

Gunnery Sergeant OKelley USMC Ret.:

Shit, Fire and Molasses, that’s what napalm is like. Its also like having some animal stand on your chest while sticking a torch down your throat. Smells like burnt hair, flesh and diesel fuel. Love that smell first thing in the morning. Ranks right up there with pussy and early morning dew. I’m certain that you fellas don’t know nothing of either of these accept for those of us who have served. You do seem to know how to offer degradation about a man you don’t even know. And by the way I’ve not met any Marine that could be described by those antonyms; Smart, Nice, Mellow. My fellow Marines were made out of Dead GI Parts and Brains that came from the Pentagon Basement Lab. More shit you know nothing of. Know this girls!!! Don’t go disrespecting Fred McFirearms Rogers. Dead or Alive he is a better man than any of you could hope to be. Respectfully, Gunny OKell. Semper Fi. Happy "Marines continue to secure your" Independence Day, Ladies.


Hey Andy; Bill; Dorcas;

I bet there is a side to you no one ever sees but your mirror. You know like wearing girly underware or graffitti hate messages on walls or throwing a sucker punch in a crowd of chaos and running away. Compared to you guys Rogers was a stand up guy that you know nothing of. But go ahead, fantasize your conspiracy theories, or keep asking why this or what if that, like a child. And Mr pussy of them all, Like -.-omg... (Dont girls talk like that?) However if Fred were alive Im sure he would forgive you for your insolence, unless you crossed his path in the bush; then you and your fantasies would be non existant. Perhaps when you Girls get a few hairs, you might understand the duality of man. Until then try not to contaminate the rest of the Congo. LTCL DW.


My Rank gave me the opportunity to peruse privileged "classified" documents. Sometimes this privilege was more of a curse or conviction than any thing else. I will be vague and remain anonymous for this one boys. FMR was responsible for numerous confirmed kills in wartime or police action. The controversy surrounding FMR military service has to do with 2 congressional inquires of kills outside of this premise "Wartime". These snipes were pivotal in ensuring a "Non Recurrence" in southeast Asia and although the missions were successful, a Recurrence was inevitable. These were outside of Congressional or Executive Declaration and therefore incurred inquiry resulting in "Non Disclosure" of military association for personnel involved. N.B. FMR tour of duty? 1963- 1967 Viet Nam had many episodes and many classifications of Wartime, Police Action, etc.. most civilians if asked would consider that we were at war during the entire occupation . In actuality War was declared 3 times; once by congress and twice by two different Presidents,. In the interims there were Police Actions, Limited Skirmishes, etc.. My point here is; if a shot was fired, resulting in a kill, one minute before or after Declarations then this may or may not result in investigation, red tape, fact finding missions, increased political bullshit, etc.. Considering the infamous targets 86d (no one recalls or cares now) and the soon to be famous personnel responsible, well, you can fantasize the rest. There were numerous marksman personnel carrying out orders regardless of Congressional or Executive Declarations but few that made it home alive or made to the spotlight so intensely. That’s all I care to explain at this time and in this public forum. Commissioned Officer USMC Retired.

Jim Ryan:

I thought Mr. Rogers was in Canada in 1966 doing some public television or ???.

mike c.:

For those of you that served in the Marine Corps you all know your knowledge book. You all know the pass down knowledge. Who Chesty Puller was and other famous Marines, Ed McMahon the publishers clearing house guy, Lee Ermey ... and yes Fred Rogers... Those who try to debase our history will never know until they are a Marine.

Semper Fi
5811 CPl.



To the idiot who said Fred Rogers was buried in Arlington.


FACT: Vietnam war started in 1959. By the time this war started, Rogers would have been over 30 years old. He had his first son, James in 1959 and was already trying to make a name for himself in the TV business.

He was NOT in the military.


So it sounds like a lot of people need to do THEIR research.


I believe the whole lot of you are wrong for sitting here and arguing the fact of whether mr. Rodgers was a marine sniper or not. I'm enlisted in the Marine Corps and I could care less. If he was, oorah mr. Rodgers, wouldn't mind him being my neighbor. And if he wasn't then he was a great man who had the best interest at heart in the developement of children and lived his life according to the bible. Not many people like him are left in this world. If he heard all this nonsense he would turn over in his grave. Cover-ups, scandals, and all that bull are for people who have no lives. If they did cover it up, then they did. So what? If they didn't they didn't. It all helps all you ungrateful americans sleep at night while the rest of us are saving your sorry asses. I love america and all that comes with it. Including all you retards on this forum. Just leave the grand ole man alone and let him rest in peace.


This is hilarious. I can't believe there are still people who believe or want to believe Mr. Rogers was in the Marines, Navy Seal, or any other militay service for that matter.

It's just a stupid internet rumor. I've seen Fred ROgers in person. The man does not have tatoos on his arms, never served in the military, and it isn't classified information out there to the contrary.

He spent his life as an educator, ordained minister, and teaching children.

Anyone who wants to fantasize, make up, pretend, that he was a sniper be my guest. But, this story is bogus just like the John Denver story, Tommy Hilfiger racist story, etc etc etc. It's called urban myths and people who believe them are sadly....stupid!


Isn't there any photos of Fred Rogers with short sleeves? If so this could be a way of telling.


He was a marine corp sniper unless this "urban legend" is endorsed by the marine corp. The day he died they had a moment of silence for him on base. Don't speak about things you don't know about.

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