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Tiny Dancer...Tony Danza

This is a little fun tid-bit for all you Tony Danza, Ben Folds and Elton John fans out in cyberspace. The true story behind Tiny Dancer...as told through the eyes of AOL Instant Messenger user scwaster.

scwaster (11:56:09 PM): As i stated before Tiny Dancer is supposed to be Tony Danza.

scwaster (11:57:18 PM): Me and him (Elton) used to hang back in the day. He'd throw large gay parties I'd go for the open bar...

scwaster (11:57:59 PM): He was rich so I was manipulated into thinking he wanted to be my friend but no...he wanted to steal Tony Danza and make it Tiny Dancer.

scwaster (11:58:24 PM): Elton is an evil man, a cool person such as yourself should stay away from his devil words.

So Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a busy day today

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Jaynelle Stevens:

Leslie, I really liked this person's story of the roots of 'Tiny Dancer'. I guess anything's possible...its good that you post thoughts from others and give them a chance to expose their beliefs.

You ever see that episode of Friends where Phoebe belts out, "Oh hold me close, young Tony Danza!"??? I can't help but to think of her renditions whenever I hear that song. ;)

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