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Panel 2-D: Into The Blogosphere 3

*Women and Children: The Discursive Construction of Weblogs
Vicki's presentation on the users that blog was very informative. It is funny to think that the majority of bloggers were in fact teenage girls and that 40-50% of women are the ones that blog. I mean clearly we are the sex that dominates the population and for that reason this statistic makes sense. Now when they say that these teen girls are blogging it makes you think that they are just writing their online diaries and live journals, venting teenage angst and relationship troubles. I will admit that sometimes one teenager will say something profound but its unfortunately a rarity and I resent teenagers as a whole for that.


I can say this because I am in fact still a teenager in the correct definition of the word. I am eighteen. 'Teenage' is usually associated with kids the age of 13-16, but somehow 17-19 is considered an adult by society. Being a teenager myself, I admit that the entries I post on my own blog are not always serious intellectual thoughts regarding worldly issues. In fact, I like to post things that bring me amusement and may entertain others. In class we discussed the evolution of one's writing from the time they begin blogging as a teenager (or specifically a teenage girl) to the time that they reach adulthood. I believe that it is not the evolution of their writing but rather a change in the subject matter which they discuss. I personally know that I have always had a unique style of writing and the ability to write, the only difference now is that I am learning a new style of getting my message across through online media journalism.

*Weblogs and the Public Sphere
Weblogs can often facilitate the debating of many offline topics and works and therefore have a very big impacy on the public sphere of existence. Blogs could have immense impact on political/legal domains as well as Art/Culture and Science/Technology. Popularity of a person's blog can grow with the addition of someone to a personal blog roll. I do not know how to actually add these links to my roll yet but as of right now I would like to give attention and credit to some exceptional bloggers in my Writing for the Internet class. I know that I am on at least one person's blog roll and that is an honor. Perhaps if I finally figure out how to work my own blog roll then I can somehow attract some more outsiders to visit my blog.

I hope to gain an audience outside of the SHU community eventually. The idea of the emergence of professional bloggers putting average bloggers out of business 'persay' is very interesting. What exactly would be the qualifications of a professional blogger? Would he or she have to be certified or an expert on a topic other than blogging as a whole? Another interesting point is the overlapping conversations that are BLOGS. A topic on one persons blog could continue on for many many more blogs and never stope being discussed. Repetition of this topic is not an issue.

*Common Visual Design Elements of Weblogs
There are so many current visual trends in the blogosphere that bloggers follow in order to make their blogs more appealing to a mass audience. When the survey regarding the use of these strategies was completed 0% of the 154 blogs surveyed used music or video. I mean this is telling us something. The lack of these two elements reflects the sad fact that most people don't have super fast computers or internet that can load such high volume items quickly. The bloggers are aware that the mass audience does not have the ability to see or hear these things therefore they leave them off their blogs. The idea is to create something that people won't get fed up with or frustrated with if it does not load up. On my blog I use pictures constantly as well as a slightly modified stylesheet.

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