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Braces...Let Them Shine

For some reason I have to say that braces are something that now more than ever fascinate me. I don't necesarily know why, but it seems like I see them on adults and my peers every day. In fact one of my very good friends, Jaynelle Stevens, is right here at Seton Hill University with her braces in tact.


I guess it started with the whole Strangers With Candy episode, "Who Want's Cake?" in which Jerri Blank is forced to get braces and snare out a suspected retarded girl in her school. The whole tag from that show was that the retarded we attracted to shiny things and hence they were drawn to Jerri Blank's braces. I always joke around with Jaynelle about her braces and its like I can't stop talking about them. Really makes you think. They are just the topic of conversation for us. Its funny how SWC ties into like every aspect of my life. I mean when I had braces they were not fun nor were they funny...at least not to me. Oh well. Maturity is over-rated for sure.

The History of Braces
Famous Metal Mouths (Scroll down on this site to see a list of celebrities that wear/wore braces)

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