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Wikipedia Creators Move Into News
Initially I never liked the idea of Wikipedia and now I really dislike the idea of Wikinews. With Wikipedia people could go onto the website and change any encyclopedia entry they wanted to without knowing two cents about the topic being explained. I am just not comfortable with that concept as a whole. Any bumbling fool could claim to be an expert about something. I can see the benefit of having so many different opinions in regard to the news and journalism though. The news is incredibly biased one way or the other in its current state and Wikinews would provide a window for each voice to be heard regarding an issue. Overall "citizen journalism" can have a plus side and a minus side just like any other controversial new thing. On one hand you are trying to eliminate the media bias towards the right wing or left wing, or whatever wing we are leaning to in any given week,but on the other hand you are allowing anyone, credible or not to write the news. Well I guess you can't really write the news anyway but you can report it. And to report the news in a particular way can influence the message you present. No matter how hard you try not to be biased there is always a hint of someone's personal opinion.

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