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The OC

Has anyone seen the OC lately? I have become addicted to watching it once again. I think first term I was on hiatus from it because I never had a chance to watch it at school. I always had lax study hall or something stupid to do that required my full attention. Olivia Wilde (Alex Kelly) is on there now. She was on another doomed FOX show entitled "Skin". I think it ran maybe 3-6 episodes or something like that. But it really wasn't making it big with the family audiences. I found out she is also in the movie "Girl Next Door". Watched Mischa Barton in Lost & Delirious the other day once again. Gotta love the Marissa because of her new found rebellion against her mother.

She really reminds me of one of my friends that her parents split up and she went on this downward spiral pushing everyone away from her that she valued and cared for. I can honestly say that the character of Marissa so perfectly characterizes the path that many adolescents take in response to a family spilt coupled with the even more devistating failed reuinion and then re-marriage to another person that is supposed to be the 'new Dad or Mom'. Ryan and Seth seem hardly as interesting this season and the writers are to blame in that regard. Ryan has in fact turned into everything that he hated before (he's become Seth). The writers even joked about it in an episode earlier this season in which Seth retorts to Ryan something to the effect of, "Do you like my wife beater? I'm becoming more like you, a rebel and you're gonna be more like me. We're switching places!" (Ryan responds with a look of detest)

It is true though that Ryan doesn't even dress the same anymore. He's gone soft. Tonight is supposed to be a very good episode judging by the previews from last week. Caleb walks in on Alex and Marissa, and Sandy's ex comes into play as it is revealed he still loves her...Catch the OC at 8pm on FOX Thursdays.

Great Mischa Pic

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