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Jerz & Spears...the hidden hatred

Well the time has come for someone to post about the Jerz and Britney feud that has been brewing in the EL150 classroom for the past two classes. In class last week we were talking about music and its expression in the time when there were no recording devices and the only way for people to have a musical experience was to see a live show. Somehow Jerz referred to Spears as a no talent singer that is quote "Known for other things like stirring up the tabloids and her dancing. She is known as a great performer rather than a great singer." (the class laughs very hard and Jerz replies) "Well it's true. It's true!"

I just don't know what it is about Jerz and Britney. Maybe he is the president of her fan club and he has to donwplay their connection in class because it just would get weird if we knew he loved her like we all do. I mean come on people the world wants to know. Get out there an investigate this mystery. In reference to Moira's comment about Jerz being Spears...well maybe thats why he grew the beard..to throw us all off. Someone was getting too close to the truth.

DISCLAIMER: Dr.Jerz, we (bloggers) are just having a little fun with you. Please don't take any offense to the comments made on this blog entry. You know we love you.

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Yep, that pretty much sums it up! I think Dr. Jerz is somehow subconsciously jealous of Britany's popularity (or lack thereof). I bet he lipsyncs to her music while he blogs! :'D


Maybe, and this is a stretch, Maybe Dr. Jerz = Britney Spears, kinda like Michael Jackson = Latoya Jackson... or are you too young to remember that? Oh god I'm old. Anyway... Here's a test. We'll get Dr. J to dance. That's the only way to know for sure!


I have to agree with you about Dr. Jerz and his passion for Britney. Infact, I am quite certain that I saw Dr. Jerz dancing to "Opps I Did it Again" in St. Joe's 3rd floor five times last week(note the use of numerals, once again thank you AP Stylebook.)

Interesting post. Sounds like you guys have a fun, open class...

If you're at all serious, though, you might want to check out this important essay on
The Global Political Economy of Britney Spears Inc.

Or if that's too academic, here's an easier to read analysis of Spears as an "empty commodity".

-- Dr. Arnzen


Thanks so much for your post and the links. I'm sure those essays will be quite interesting and informative.

I feel strangely honored...

Tammy Roberts:

I have to say that this is a very interesting subject that you have brought forth. I didn't realize that people beyond the ones that I know find Britnay so annoying. I think that it will be fun to see how Dr. Jerz responds.


Well I think that clinches it. After breaking out in song today I think Dr. Jerz has popstar dreams. Or at least Broadway ones! Haha. (It was lovely Dr. Jerz, really. I say go for it.)

I stumbled across this, and now laughing out of my chair. Sure sounds like you have a good time in class :-) Glad to know that... And Dr. Jerz? Strangely honored (emphasis on the "strange") just about covers it, I think ;-) Haha.


britany rocks.

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