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Million Dollar Tears...

Last week I went to the movies right here in Greensburg with my friend Jaynelle and we saw the new Clint Eastwood movie Million Dollar Baby. Wow! I don't know if I can express how much I enjoyed this movie. First off, the trailer was completely different from what the movie was actually about and I loved that. Unlike most movie trailers today the plot was not given away in the preview. In the trailer we see a stern old boxing coach in Eastwood and an eager boxing prodigy in Hillary Swank that seems to be a great story of an underdog. In actuality it's not just a movie about boxing at all. The boxing is only a sub plot that lingers in the background after a paralyzing blow is dealt to Swank.

I have to admit that I cried for about a total of 30 minutes out of the almost three hour long movie. It wasn't just when all the horribly bloody boxing was taking place or when Swank was killed by Eastwood. I cried at the touching scenes between Eastwood and his pseudo daughter Swank. Their relationship really hit home with me especially because of the enviroment in which it was developing. I have to say that my expectations for this movie were exceeded. I also have to say that it was nice to see it with someone that could appreciate it as well.
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You DO know what the movie is about right? A transvestite trying to raise money for a sex change operation done the Thai-way.

But your right. The movie is a tear-fest. Clint Eastwood movies have become like that lately. its freaky. I remember watching his Westerns..now THAT'S a movie. Anyways, I just thought I'd comment cause the internet is finally back at my house!


Where did you aquire this information Lou?

Louis Gagliardi:

That's what I've read Leslie. its supposed to be based on a true story, unless that was the orginial idea. I swear to you that I read it before the movie came out on movies.yahoo.com.

That is really odd..


That is really bizarre because in the movie they don't really touch on that part of it all. I think I am going to look into reading up on all that. Very interesting. Probably didn't want to put that in for cinematic appeal. Hmmmm, so weird though. Like I really don't know how I feel about this right now. It just seems odd.


If I were you, I would watch the actual movie before you make accusations. Just a suggestion?


How was that making accusations? I had stated in response to her and I quote "That's what I've read Leslie" what ive read, doesnt mean its always accurate, which is what I've admitted. Hollywood changes its mind all the time. In some of the movies I've seen they went from what was reported for the movie to be about to something on the other end of the spectrum. So Jaynelle, do me a favor, read the posts and then email the author to find out if what they mean is what they wrote.

Million Dollar Baby when i had read about it, BEFORE IT CAME OUT, was REPORTED to be about a TS seeking the money for a sex change operation. There, does that clear it up?


I don't like all this tension on my blog. I want the cold hard facts about Million Dollar Baby before we say anymore. I looked on Yahoo movies the other day and did a little research of my own. Million Dollar Baby is based on a book published recently by a 70yr old man that was the character of Frankie in the movie. He recounts his story of coaching, training and then his connection with his female boxer Maggie. I think I will post this information soon. Until then chill out my blogging buddies.

then I am wrong. All I am saying is that is what I heard, and had thought I had read. I had also thought I had seen a trailer for it when I went to see Alexander.

But I am proven wrong. The end of it.

I shouldnt even be posting on others blogs anyways..no one bothers to look at mine.


Please don't be upset with myself or Jaynelle. We are all just trying to clarify our comments on here and sometimes what we write is hard to interpret. You are welcome to post on this blog anytime. Your opinion, no matter how different it is from my own, still carries a value and I respect that. No hard feelings.



If I were you, I would watch the actual movie before you make accusations. Just a suggestion?

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